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Fingerprints for Music

Updated: Jun 2, 2020

How can a song or piece of audio have fingerprints?

Let's take a glimpse into that world for a second.

Audio Fingerprints

Since a song is an audio file, this fingerprint is also called audio fingerprints. They are a condensed summary of a song that helps identify a specific song, or a short audio sample of the song.

Let's say you started humming a song, or you hear a song over the radio and instantly you recognize it in terms of its title and its artist. That 'humming' or the 'part of the song you heard' would be the audio fingerprint.

Having said that, a song can have several audio fingerprints, as many parts of it are unique and different. They are also linked to the song's metadata.

Hope you know where this is going?

So our 'auto contents recognition' services involves a massive database of audio metadata and fingerprints. When a broadcast or an online stream of music flows through our system, the intricate algorithm runs through this database, identifies the song with the fingerprints and presents the metadata for that song.

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