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Music Copyright Management

Direct your funds to investments in revenue-generating music copyright assets.

Join our catalog to unlock the full - even hidden - value of your music.

Our exclusively dedicated expert team works with you throughout the process.

Music IP Investment 

We invest in revenue-producing intellectual property related to music – not only copyrights to musical compositions but also the copyright in master recordings.

Join us in investments, sit back and enjoy your flow of passive income.

For Investors

Our meticulous reviews of copyrights ensure your investments to earn a steady flow and level of income.

Our catalog is comprised of classic, older copyrights that are not subject to the natural decline in earnings that typically occurs within the first four to six years of a song’s life, acquired directly from its rightholders.

For Artists

Joining our catalog will help you unlock the full potential - as well as hidden ones - of your songs and copyrights.

Get the funds you need now, instead of broken-down royalty income over years or decades.

Hassle-free Management

Our dedicated team of experts works with you throughout the administration and paperwork process.

This gives both investors and artists hassle-free and hands-free opportunities to unlock the true value and potential of assets.


For Music Copyright Services

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