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Auto Contents Monitoring

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Equipped with one of the world's largest music fingerprinting databases and
state-of-the-art algorithms for metadata retrieval and reconciliation,
our contents monitoring technology is your GO-TO place for
music monitoring and reports generation.

Customize reports to your needs with standard codes, time-maps,
recordings and other fields to analyze music usage.

Automatize the whole process

to reduce manual work and increase efficiency.

Extensive Contents Database

Our extensive database of music fingerprints and state-of-the-art algorithms for metadata retrieval and reconciliation enables contents recognition to the utmost precision, however the length of the audio used.

Our database and technology captures your music wherever and whenever it is played on streams designated by you.

Impeccable Monitoring

Select broadcast stations and streams to your liking and have our technology search for your music - of any length - with or without voice-overs.

Benefit from our impeccable monitoring services and cater the results to your needs.

Enhanced Reports

Benefit from our quality reporting module and generate music usage reports, cue sheets and many other reports with metadata, standard codes and customized fields populated as per your needs.

Leverage our reports to facilitate the analysis for your music business or marketing activities.

Recordings & Timemaps

Get a bird's eye view of the music usage, complete with time-maps, recordings of the usage with recognition results.

Download the historical results, save them for a 360º report to get your hands on a comprehensive and efficient reporting process.

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