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Production Music

Avail yourself of a lustrous spectrum of production music,
created directly by famous K-drama soundtrack producers. 

Define the identity of your videos, projects and campaigns

with the perfect music from our archives,

complete with hassle-free licensing and clearance.

K-Drama soundtrack experts 

Tap into the expertise of popular K-drama soundtrack producers and songwriters with decades of music production experience.

Identity & Ambiance

Music that go hand-in-hand with your work becomes the essence of your identity. Make yourself stand out, differentiate yourself from others with the perfect ambiance of music.

Let the music do the branding for you.

hassle free.png
Hassle-free Licensing

Tailored licenses for multiple platforms, with global clearance is just what you need, along with no extra royalties to pay.

Experience what genuine hassle-free means for the perfect music for your works.

Wide & Deep Archives

Browse through our exhaustive catalogue with various moods, themes and genres created by the very K-Drama producers and songwriters you love.

Be assured, you will find the one.



Visit our bibliotheque of premium production music

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